breast hyperplasia surgery tunisia

Treating breast hyperplasia

Breast volume

Normal breast volume ranges between 200 and 300 cc. There are different levels of breast hyperplasia :

  • Moderate : from 400 to 600 cc.
  • Significant : from 600 to 800 cc.
  • Severe : from 800 to 1000 cc.
  • Very severe : over 1000 cc.

When breast hyperplasia becomes a serious problem in daily life, breast surgery can be considered to decrease the size of the breast.

Breast hyperplasia treatment

Breast reduction can reduce the volume of the mammary gland in order restore normal breast proportions relative to height and body type. After the treatment, patients feel better in their own skin and they can exercise more easily with more freedom of movement and no discomfort or pain. More clothing choices become available to them and most importantly, neck, shoulder and back pain disappear. The procedure offers them more confidence in their personal life as well as in public, which translates to a better quality of life.

Breast reduction surgery

This surgery is performed following different steps :

  • The surgeon start with drawing a circle around the treatment area with a surgical marking pen.
  • Through more or less extended incisions, the surgeon removes glandular tissue excess and lift the mammary glands in a higher position.
  • The skin is draped with a normal tension in order to support the reshaped breasts. Breast asymmetry can be corrected during the same procedure if needed.
  • The surgeon can reduce the size of the areolas before repositioning them higher.
  • Sutures finalize the procedure. Drains are placed on the incisions site in certain cases in order to collect excess fluid.
  • A dressing is placed over the incision sites.