The legs are a common area of aesthetic concern, especially for women who usually want toned, thin and well balanced legs, from thighs to feet. While skin removal procedures are preferred by cosmetic surgeons to treat excess skin in the inner thighs, liposuction is the go to procedure to treat fat deposits in the knees and calves.

Treating aesthetic legs

Treating aesthetic concerns of the legs


Most patients consulting for a cosmetic procedure complain about two specific problems. They consider their knees too fat in the inner side and sometimes close to the patella. A few of these patients also mention excess skin under and around the patella. The latter issue is more rare, but it can technically be corrected by a skin removal technique. If skin removal is performed, it will result in a scar, which is why this type of procedure is fairly uncommon as most patients prefer moderate skin excess than a clearly visible scar. As for excess fat in the inner side of the knee, it can easily be removed with liposuction. The small fat deposit located near the patella can also be decreased this way, but to a lesser extent than the rest of the knee.


Patients usually complain about their calves being ‘too big’ (when the fat layer is too important or if the muscles are hypertrophied). Liposuction allows the surgeon to decrease fat volume around the entire circumference of the calves, which is usually enough to slim down the calves significantly and offer them a thinner, more toned and pleasing appearance.


Aesthetic issues concerning the ankles are usually about their size. For women feeling self-conscious about their ankles, it is usually possible to address excessive size issues with liposuction. With very thin cannulas, liposuction can reach fat deposits responsible for the unsightly appearance of the ankles, which is particularly susceptible to weight fluctuations.