Thigh Lift surgery is a surgical procedure intended to correct skin sagging, typically in the inner side of the thighs. Here are the answers to common questions about this procedure.


Thigh lift : about stretch marks, weight loss and surgery scars

About stretch marks

Question : I am considering a thigh lift to remove unsightly stretch marks in my inner thighs resulting from pregnancies. I have a normal weight and I am wondering if I can benefit from a thigh lift.

Answer : Thigh lift surgery can remove excess skin in the inner side of the thighs. The scar is located in the fold of the thigh. During the clinical examination, all the details of the procedure can be discussed and the operating plan can be determined by taking the patient’s morphology, skin quality and many other factors into account. Performing this procedure is easier on patients with a normal weight than overweight patients and the recovery is simpler for them as well.

About the scar

Question : After I lost a lot of weight, I was left with excess skin in my inner thighs. I think I need a T shaped incision thigh lift, but I was told the scar shifts down over time, which requires another procedure afterwards, is that true ?

Answer : The appearance of the scar depends on skin and wound healing, but there is usually no need to correct the appearance of the scar, unless there are weight fluctuations after surgery.

About weight loss

Question : I am in my early twenties and I lost a hundred pounds when I was younger, which made skin in my belly and thighs sag a little bit. I was wondering if skin can be tightened in these areas.

Answer : Yes, the stomach and thighs areas can be lifted with two separate procedures. A clinical examination is important to determine the optimal approach.