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Submental liposuction combined to face and neck lift

Redefining facial contours can require multiples surgical techniques. Any facial rejuvenation treatment has to be carefully planned in order to offer a personalized result meeting the patient’s expectations.

Treating the double chin and facial tissue sagging

Certain patients present with tissue sagging in the lower third of the face associated with excess fat, which translates to jowls and a double chin. A comprehensive approach is preferable for an optimal improvement in the area.

Why is this treatment complex ?

While the facelift can treat sagginess and redefine facial contours, it cannot correct the double chin. The double chin can develop for different reasons :

  • Loss of skin elasticity and gravity causing fat accumulation under the chin.
  • Over time, facial contours tend to lose definition, which results in the face to neck transition being indistinct.
  • Overweight tends to aggravate this issue, which can also be hereditary.
  • Progressive tissue sagging alter the facial structure.

Combining face and neck lift with liposuction

Surgeons usually use this approach to offer an optimal rejuvenation of the lower face and neck with a natural and homogeneous result through both areas.

The combined procedures details

The surgery aims at tightening sagging skin in the jawline and removing excess fat located under the chin.

  • The combined procedures are performed under general anesthesia.
  • Liposuction is initially performed.
  • Excess fat is removed with a micro cannula inserted in the neck area.
  • Incisions are made after liposuction to tone up the lower face.

Benefits of combining the face lift with liposuction

Associating face lift and submental liposuction offers several benefits :

  • Both techniques are used during a single procedure.
  • Liposuction scars are very limited since incisions are only a few millimeters long. The face lift incisions are made in the ear folds, therefore the are inconspicuous.
  • The improvement is perfectly natural and durable.
  • Facial contours become distinct again, with no facial expression alteration.
  • When treatment is requested early, it prevents tissue sagging in the lower face.

Before / after neck liposuction