410, 2018

Bulging, flabby stomach ? Here’s why and how tummy tuck can treat it

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Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery designed to correct unsightly imperfections in the stomach area such as : flabby skin, pannus (sometimes referred to as an apron), diastasis recti (separation [...]

3009, 2018

Otoplasty corrects different types of ear malformations

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Otoplasty is a surgery designed to correct prominent, or sticking-out ears. This procedure can relieve children from psychological issues as well as problems at school related to the appearance of [...]

2309, 2018

Torn, split, distended earlobes : repair them with ear surgery

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Earlobes are fragile structures that can be damaged by earrings or piercings. Heavy earrings tend to widen the hole they're attached to, the same goes for earrings worn during sleep. [...]