Liposuction : the ideal treatment to remove saddlebags

Liposuction : the ideal treatment to remove saddlebags

‘Saddlebags’ is the term designating a fat mass located, in women, on the outer side of the thighs. This is a common fat storage area that does not respond well to diet and exercise. In certain cases, fat excess in this region is significant, which can cause difficulties finding fitting clothes. In this case, liposuction can be very efficient to improve balance in this area and improve the patient’s whole figure.

There are usually two types of cases :

  • Real saddlebags : fat deposit in the outer side of the upper thigh
  • Fake saddlebags : caused by gluteal muscle sagging (disappears when the muscle contracts)

Liposuction to remove saddlebags :

Liposuction can remove excess fat entirely and permanently from the upper thighs when exercise and diets do not offer significant results. However, liposuction is not in any case a weight loss method or treatment, because the goal of this procedure has nothing to do with weight. Therefore, liposuction has no place in obesity treatment approaches, it only serves body contouring purposes.

Liposuction can achieve excellent results, especially with new liposuction treatments such as Vaserlipo that can remove fat more efficiently in areas where fibrous tissues make fat removal harder. Skin in the outer side of the upper thigh is thick and elastic, which allows most patients to achieve harmonious results with a low risk of ‘waving’ or irregularities.

In the case of saddlebags caused by gluteal muscle sagging associated with excess fat, liposuction combined to muscle building exercises offers excellents results.

In the case of gluteal muscle sagging alone, only targeted muscle building exercises can decrease prominent saddlebags.

Definitive results from saddlebags liposuction are not immediate, because it takes some time for the skin to shrink after fat removal. Definitive results can be seen around the 3 months mark, lymphatic drainage is recommended to help this process and help the body adjust to slimmer thigh contours.