In the field of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures, but a lot of women have troubles dealing with overly large breasts. Mammary hypertrophy often causes breast ptosis (breast sagging) and more importantly, back pain on a daily basis. Breast reduction aims at relieving patients from back, shoulder and neck pain and correcting breast ptosis resulting from the weight of the breasts.

Breast reduction removes excess breast tunisia

Alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain with breast reduction surgery

Mammary hypertrophy

Mammary hypertrophy refers to excessive breast growth resulting in disproportionate breast volume in relation with the rest of the body. In most cases, mammary hypertrophy causes breast sagging, but the biggest issue remains breast weight, which can be very hard to deal with everyday and during exercise. Over time, neck, shoulder and back pain can occur. Women affected by mammary hypertrophy also have difficulties finding clothes that fit properly. Gradually, the body is weakened and pain tends to intensify.

Breast reduction surgery

This procedure is recommended for women suffering from overly large breasts. A clinical examination is necessary to determine the amount of mammary gland to remove.

Breast reduction removes excess breast glandular tissue and skin around the areola and in the lower part of the breast. The amount of tissue removed weighed to make sure the result is symmetrical. The result has to be natural and the appearance of the breast has to stay the same, unless an asymmetry has to be corrected. The result has to suit the patient’s morphology in order for the figure to be harmonious.

Breast reduction can relieve patients from back pain and improve posture when the back is hunched. Exercising becomes easier after breast reduction since the body has greater balance. If you are suffering from chronic back pain caused by your breasts, get in touch with Dr Balti to schedule your procedure and be permanently pain free.