The request for lip augmentation is fairly common because sensual lips are seductive. Lips can be naturally thin, but they also tend to lose volume over time. Hyaluronic acid based products allow plastic surgeons to perform a wide variety of corrections and improvements of the lips : volume increase, upper lips projection, oral commissures correction (mouth corners), smoothing peri-oral wrinkles, etc. Lip augmentation is an efficient, quick and temporary treatment, it is also reversible.

lip augmentation tunisia

Lip augmentation in Tunisia

About fillers

Hyaluronic acid based products are referred to as a ‘fillers’. This acid is naturally occurring in our body and has been used for 20 years because of its safety of use, and efficiency. Fillers injections are also approved by health authorities.

Why you need a consultation with a certified surgeon

The clinical examination is necessary to assess the volume of lips, balance between upper and lower lips (from the front and the side) as well as harmony between the nose and the mouth. The examination is done with a resting facial expression and while smiling. The area surrounding the lips is also examined for wrinkles that may be treated at the same time.

The patient’s expectations must be clearly stated for this highly customized treatment. Pictures can be taken to get a better idea of the corrections needed. At the end of the examination, the goal of the procedure is decided, which is usually one of the following :

  • Plumping the lips and restore balance between upper and lower lips
  • Possibly redraw the vermilion border
  • Smoothing wrinkles in the perio-oral area.

During the same injection session, nasolabial folds and marionette lines can be treated as well. Subtle volume changes in the lips or peri-oral area can make big differences, this is why only droplets of fillers are injected at a time in several places of the same area in order to avoid the well know unsightly appearance of protruding or swollen lips. A history of herpes labialis can require a medical treatment to avoid an recurrence of the condition.