The eyes, ears, nose, nostrils, mouth, cheeks and chin, we tend to think the face is symmetrical. However, if a vertical line going from the center of the forehead to the center of the chin is drawn, subtle differences can be found in almost any face.

facial symmetry

Is perfect facial symmetry beautiful ?

Symmetry and facial beauty

Symmetry is an undeniable beauty criteria. That being said, other characteristics like volume and proportions are also very important. For instance, big eyes, round and high cheekbones, a thin nose and full lips make up an attractive combination for women. Other characteristics are also taken into account to assess facial beauty scientifically, particularly the distance between the eyes or the space between the nose and mouth. However, unlike what most people think, those who are considered as the most beautiful individuals in the world do not have a perfectly symmetrical face. How do we know ? Thanks to Photoshop.

The perfectly symmetrical face

Graphic designers made the faces of Hollywood stars perfectly symmetrical by duplicating one side, and the results do not do them justice. It is in fact quite the opposite, the experiment made some of these stars look like troubling aliens. The conclusion is that an eye smaller than the other one and a slightly curved nose can make someone’s face truly beautiful.Of course, there are limits to how beautiful asymmetry can look since severe asymmetries are rarely flattering and seen as deformations. Thankfully, facial defects and malformations can be corrected with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the form of rhinoplasty, fat grafting, chin and ear surgery to name a few. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to correct a defect or imperfection (lips that are too thin, sagging eyelids, overly long nose, receding chin…), surgical and non-invasive procedures can help you achieve the correction or improvement you are looking for. For more specific information, get in touch with Dr.Balti by calling his office or by filling in the contact form of the website.