Around the age of 50, aging signs become more and more visible on the body. For a lot of women, deep wrinkles, skin folds in the neck, skin sagging around the eyelids and jawline, as well as breast ptosis and excess skin in the lower stomach are an issue. Fortunately, there are multiple cosmetic procedures intended to alleviate aging signs and restore patients confidence. Here are the most common procedures for this age group.

look young at 50

Is it possible to look young at 50 ?

Face lift

Face lift surgery is a very popular cosmetic surgery among patients in their 50’s. This procedure can tighten lax skin around the face and jawline to alleviate deep wrinkles and folds. During the procedure, surgeons can tighten the muscle layer underneath the skin before tightening the skin itself for the result to be more durable. Skin tightening is simply achieved by removing excess skin and suturing while making sure skin tension is normal. Skin tightening significantly smoothes out wrinkles, folds and lines. Facial areas that have lost volume due to fat migration or fat loss can benefit from hyaluronic acid injection to get their roundness and youthful appearance back during the same procedure.

Neck lift

Laxity in the neck area is common for individuals in their 50’s. It is also one of the most problematic aging signs for patients. THe neck lift can be used to remove fat deposits, tighten the skin and the lax muscle layer in the neck area and under the chin to restore a youthful appearance of the neck.

The neck lift is often combined with a face lift (face and neck lift) to achieve more comprehensive results.

While both procedures offer excellent results, other aging signs should also be treated for the face to truly look its best such as excess skin in the eyelids.