Hyaluronic acid (HA) injections can be used to hydrate the lips and increase their volume. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule produced by the body until a certain age. This molecule serves skin, joints and cartilage tissues regeneration. Synthesized hyaluronic acid used in the field of aesthetic medicine is identical to hyaluronic produced by the body. There is no risk of allergic reaction with hyaluronic acid injections since it is biocompatible with the organism.

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Hydrating and increasing lip volume with hyaluronic acid


Requests differ, but most patients are looking for more sensual lips with a natural appearance or an alternative to facial fat transfer. Thanks to HA injections, surgeons can plump up the lips and improve their shape without changing their natural shape. While HA injections are mostly used to restore lip volume, the procedure is also used to hydrate, improve lip contour definition, smooth out wrinkles around the mouth and symmetry.

The procedure

The day of the procedure, the quantity and type of product are chosen depending on the patient’s needs. Very small volumes of HA are injections in different points in order for the result to be natural. If the goal is to plump up the lips and redefine contours, injections are made along the line separating the vermilion from the cutaneous lip. If the goal is to refresh the lips and increase their volume, injections are made deep in the vermilion in order to create more curve. The procedure is very short and completed in 15 minutes for most patients. Injections are painless since syringes are extremely thin and an anesthetic is used.

After the injections, results are immediate and natural. Bruising, redness and mild swelling are possible in the injection points, but these usually resolve very quickly. Sun and heat exposure can have a negative impact on the outcome of the procedure.