breast lift surgeryBreast ptosis refers to breast sagging resulting from a stretched breast skin envelope. When the breasts are sagging, they sit too low on the chest and often show a lack of volume / roundness in their upper pole. Breast ptosis has multiples causes : major weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and natural aging. Breast sagging is also frequently caused by the extra weight of overly large breasts.

What the breast lift does

Breast lift surgery is designed to restore the compactness and position of the breasts (the areolas and nipples are repositioned if necessary). Excess skin in the breast envelope is removed in order to get the desired breast shape and height. The mammary gland can be repositioned higher if needed. By working on the glandular tissue and skin, the firmness and young appearance of the breasts can be restored.


As with any other cosmetic procedure, the clinical examination allows Dr.Balti to determine if the result you have in mind is feasible. The size, shape, position and symmetry are assessed as well as breast volume which can be reduced in case of breast hyperplasia. On the other hand, in case of small breast volume, breast implants or fat transfer to the breasts can be used to give them appropriate proportions in relation with the rest of the body. Combining a breast augmentation in Tunisia to a breast lift has the benefit of minimizing scarring. The locations of the incisions depend on the extent of skin removal.

Who can benefit from breast lift surgery ?

Age is not a deciding factor for breast lift candidates. It can be performed on young or older women. Pregnancy and breast feeding remain possible after surgery, but surgeons usually recommend to wait at least six months before it happens.