Facelift techniques include procedures designed to correct skin sagging. The facelift has to be adapted to the treatment area depending on patient’s expectations.

These recent years, progress have been made in improving facial rejuvenation techniques to minimize risks, recovery time and scars. Surgical facelifts are more efficient than non-invasive treatments because they address tissue sagging by repositioning tissues in their previous younger position.

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How surgeons combine modern facelift techniques with rejuvenation treatments – facelift tunisia

Facelift techniques

Several types of facelifts can be performed depending on the treatment areas :

  • Temporal lift : tightens the cheekbones and eye corners areas.
  • Face and neck lift : treats the lower third of the face as well as the neck
  • Forehead lift : corrects skin and muscle sagging in the forehead

To minimize recovery time, swelling, bruising and scars, facial rejuvenation now combines different techniques, which can be surgical procedures with hidden scars, minimally invasive procedures (liposuction and fat grafting) or non-invasive techniques (hyaluronic based fillers and Botox).Depending on the patient’s anatomy and expectations, facial rejuvenation can combine a facelift, liposuction, fat grafting and / or Botox injections. Surgeons pay close attention during the initial consultation in order to determine which procedures can provide optimal results.

Combining facelifts

Modern facelift techniques naturally correct facial tissue sagging and reposition volumes with almost invisible scars and a recovery time of 1 week or less while providing patients with long-lasting results.

Each facelift technique can address certain aspects of facial aging when combined with the right treatments :

  • The face and neck lift is the most suited technique to correct sagging tissues in the lower third of the face and neck.
  • Fat grafting can be used to treat hollowed with no tissue sagging areas such as the cheekbones, lips and temples. Hyaluronic acid based fillers can be an alternative to fat grafting when volumes needed are moderate.
  • Liposuction can correct fat accumulation in areas of the face such as the jowls and double-chin in order to improve facial contours definition.
  • Botox can be used to alleviate wrinkles caused by muscle contractions.