Nowadays, a lot of men dissatisfied with the appearance of their belly opt for plastic surgery to improve their figure. More than half of cosmetic procedures for men target the stomach region. These procedure, namely liposuction and skin removal techniques, aim at removing excess fat, excess skin and tightening muscles in the lower stomach.

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Fighting belly fat and imperfections as a man

Why men’s bellies get fat

Genetics are the main reason why men tend to store fat in the stomach region. The woman’s body, due to it’s capacity to give birth, fights against cellulite and fat accumulation under the skin by pushing fat towards the hips and thighs. In contrast, men tend to store fat in the torso and abdomen, especially when they overeat or snack during the course of the day.

Aside from the aesthetic side of things, men’s predisposition to store fat in the stomach region can be very harmful. Unlike women’s subcutaneous fat (harmless for their health), excess fat in the man’s body often leads to diabetes and heart diseases.

Tummy tuck and liposuction

Ideally, male patients who want to improve the appearance of their stomach have worked beforehand to get rid of excess fat. Patients who are physically fit usually achieve superior results from both liposuction and tummy tuck, which is why surgeons recommend reaching a normal weight before considering surgery.

Tummy tuck targets fat and skin excess in the stomach region while tightening abdominal muscles when they are stretched and loose, whereas liposuction removes persisting fat excess forming bulges and unwanted curves.

With enough efforts from the patient’s part (healthy habits before the procedure and keeping up with exercise and healthy nutrition after surgery), these procedures can make the belly more flat and toned, which is male patient’s most common request.