questions about BBL surgery

FAQ : your questions about BBL surgery

Why is general anesthesia preferable for a Brazilian Butt Lift ?

There are two reasons why general anesthesia is preferable to local anesthesia. The first reason is the duration of the procedure as well as the extent of fat harvesting sites (liposuction areas). In order to harvest a sufficient amount of fat for the BBL result to be satisfying, liposuction to harvest fat cells is performed in several areas of the body. Knowing this, the liposuction part of the procedure is too long for the patient to stay still without moving. More importantly, the amount of local anesthetic necessary to numb up liposuction sites would be toxic for the body. The second reason concerns fat cells : those are very fragile and lidocaine (local anesthetic) is toxic for them, which reduces their chances of survival in the buttocks area. In practice, local anesthetic decreases the percentage of fat cells engraftment, which decreases the efficiency of the treatment and the patient’s chances to achieve the expected result.

How long is fat grafting buttock augmentation surgery ?

The BBL is a procedure that combines two surgical techniques : liposuction to harvest fat, and fat injections to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks. This combination requires more time than liposuction. The duration of a BBL also depends on the amount of fat harvested and injected, therefore it can range from 3 to 6 hours.

What is the ideal profile for BBL patients ?

Ideally, patients requesting a BBL should :

  • Be in good health
  • Have enough excess fat in localized areas to achieve visible improvements. Patients who are too skinny may not benefit from this procedure as they might not store enough fat in their body.