fat grafting buttock augmentation

All the answers to your questions about fat grafting buttock augmentation, or BBL

Which areas of the body can be used to harvest fat for buttock augmentation purposes ?

Fat harvesting areas are treated with liposuction during the first stage of the procedure. Typically, liposuction is performed in the abdominal region, love handles and thighs to collect fat.

How much fat can be transferred in the buttocks ?

There is no maximum amount of fat that can be transferred during a Brazilian Butt Lift. The amount fat used depends on the amount of quality fat harvested with liposuction. Patients presenting with good amounts of localized excess fat can achieve greater buttock volume increases (150 to 1000 cc in each buttock). However, the most important factor to achieve a beautiful buttock augmentation is not volume, but the liposuction, fat purifying and fat injection techniques influencing fat cells survival.

How much fat survives after being transferred ?

Fat survival rate varies from one patient to another and also depends on the technique used. On average, most patients can expect a fat survival rate of 75%. 6 months after surgery, the remaining fat cells can be considered as permanent fat tissue in the buttocks.

Does buttocks volume decrease in case of weight loss ?

Buttocks volume can increase or decrease depending on weight fluctuations. Transferred fat cells behave like any other fat cell in the body. Therefore, weight gain will most likely cause volume increase in the buttocks and the whole body. Weight loss after a BBL, on the other hand, usually comes with volume decrease in the buttocks and body fat more generally.

How much recovery time is needed after fat grafting buttock augmentation ?

Most patients need a week of rest after surgery before going back to work. It is recommended to use a cushion to sit on chairs for 2 to 3 weeks in order to avoid pressure on the buttocks. Sleeping on the stomach is also important to avoid crushing new fat cells and increase their chances of survival.

When is it possible to exercise after a BBL ?

Surgeons recommend stopping exercise during the first month following surgery. This downtime is necessary to give fat cells time to survive and settle properly, which contributes to a better result long term.

Is it possible to combine a BBL with other procedures ?

It is possible to combine a BBL with other procedures, but it all depends on the duration of surgery.

  • A small BBL, which is a relatively short procedure, offers the possibility to perform other procedures with no additional risk.
  • A BBL of high extent (large volume increase) is a long procedure that does not allow additional procedures to be performed, because it would require a dangerous amount of time under general anesthesia.