Filler injections can address three aspects of facial aging : wrinkles, skin laxity and volume loss in specific areas.

filler injections tunisia

filler injections tunisia

Filler injections

This treatment aims at restoring volume in a hollowed area of the face. Surgeons mainly use hyaluronic acid based products, which have the same consistency as jelly and is naturally occurring in the eyes, joints, etc. Recent products offer natural results with no irregularities under the skin. Adequate distribution of the product avoids botched results, especially when treating the lips. The newest products also last longer : at least 10 months on average.

Which areas can be treated with fillers ?

The cheekbones is one of the most important areas to treat because it is prone to age related volume loss. It is also important to treat the lips when they have become thinned while keeping the result natural. Nasolabial folds can be treated with fillers when injections in the cheekbones did not alleviate them enough. The bitterness fold as well as the jaw line can also benefit from filler injections. On the other hand, certain areas cannot benefit from this treatment. For instance, expression wrinkles are not affected by fillers.

Improving the appearance of the lips while keeping them natural

The mouth plays an important part in the appearance of the face. Aging signs in this area can make an individual look significantly older, which is why it requires special attention.

Wrinkled lips

Winkles in the lips are caused by the contractions of the orbicular muscle. These wrinkles are expression wrinkles that respond well to Botox injections.

Thinned lips

In this case, the goal is to restore volume in the lips and redraw contours that have faded over time.Recent hyaluronic based products are available in different consistencies, the more fluid forms allowing a very safe improvement in the lips with no risk of nodule or irregularity.