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Breast augmentation : the fat grafting option

How it works

Lipomodelling consists in harvesting fat in one or multiple areas of the body in order to transfer it inside the breasts for reshaping or volume augmentation purposes. The procedure is intended for moderate volume augmentations, however, it can be staged in two separate procedure to offer larger augmentations with a satisfying graft survival rate.

Which patients is the procedure designed for ?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is intended for women requesting moderate breast volume increases. Fat grafting breast augmentation is commonly used to make minor breast shape corrections. Therefore, when patients ask significant breast volume increases, implants will most likely be recommended for a more predictable and consistent result. Fat transfer in the breasts is also frequently performed to correct breast asymmetries as well as certain breast malformations.

The recovery

Discomfort and pain are moderate after the procedure. Patients can expect the following :

  • Mild to moderate pain.
  • Moderate bruising that resolves after 2 weeks on average.
  • Moderate swelling resolving in the a few weeks.
  • Wearing a compressive bra during a month after the procedure is often necessary to achieve the expected result.
  • Fatigue is relatively common during the weeks following the operation, especially when a large amount of fat was harvested.

The results

Patients can notice the breast volume or shape change the day after their operation. However, the result changes over the course of 3 to 6 months to reach a definitive state. The areas where fat was harvested also benefit from an improvement that gradually appears following surgery.