Eyelid lift surgery, or blepharoplasty, is intended for patients with a tired look in their eyes, sagging eyelids (which can hinder makeup for women) or under eye bags. This procedure is recommended as soon as one of these issues occurs and if excess skin or fat justifies surgery. There is no set age to benefit from an eyelid lift and many patients request this procedure at the age of 35 to correct sagging eyelids caused by hereditary factors. The eyelid lift can be performed as a standalone procedure, but it is commonly combined with other procedures to achieve more comprehensive facial rejuvenation results.


Eyelid lift : treating aging signs in the lower and upper eyelids

What is the goal of blepharoplasty ?

The eyelid surgery can target the upper eyelids to open up the eyes. It removes the persistent tired look in the patient’s eyes to rejuvenate their appearance. Blepharoplasty also targets the lower eyelids to remove excess fat located under the eyes, which is commonly called undereye bags.

On the other hand, what blepharoplasty cannot do is transform the appearance of the eyes, which is a good thing. Patients keep what makes their eyes unique, the procedure refreshes and rejuvenates the eyes. The eyelid lift does not remove skin in the lower eyelid, only in very rare cases. Typically, there is no excess skin accumulating in this area, only fat has to be removed.

Does blepharoplasty offer long-lasting results ?

Eyelid lift results can be considered as permanent, but the procedure does not prevent skin aging, which means the upper eyelids continue to age. Typically, patients requesting for a touch-up procedure do it 10 to 15 years after their first eyelid lift, when skin sagging becomes an issue again. Note that touch-up procedures are rare and under eye bags never develop again after they have been removed.