Buttocks augmentation

Buttocks augmentation : about fat grafting, implants, cellulite and more

Should I choose fat grafting or implants for my buttock augmentation ?

This decision is fairly simple to make, and it mainly depends on your expectations. Buttock implants offer a well distributed volume, mainly in the upper third of the buttocks. Most importantly, implants create buttock projection, which translates to more curvy buttocks from a side view angle.

Fat grafting buttock augmentation, brazilian butt lift , on the other hand, focuses on improving fat distribution in the whole pelvic region. It narrows down the hips and saddlebags with liposuction and improves or creates roundness with fat injections in the lateral and central parts of the buttocks. However, buttock projection can only be moderately improved with fat grafting since fat cannot be injected deeply.

Can cellulite in the buttocks area be treated with liposuction ?

No, there is no permanent treatment for cellulite. The orange peel appearance of the skin can be alleviated with radiofrequency temporarily or by buttocks implants (implants lift up tissues in the area, which can help with cellulite, but only in rare cases).

Is it possible to liposuction fat in the buttocks ?

Subcutaneous fat in the buttocks is closely linked to skin and cannot be suctioned out. To lose buttock fat, the only solutions are dieting and exercising regularly. However, liposuction can be used around the buttocks area : in the hips, waist and saddlebags to improve the shape and appearance of the buttocks indirectly.

My buttocks are sagging, what are my options to address that ?

In that case, patients are advised to do squats to build muscle in the gluteus maximus muscle. Buttocks implants are the most efficient treatment when it comes to correcting sagging buttocks. In certain instances, fat grafting can help with this issue.

What other procedure can be combined with buttock surgery ?

Saddlebags liposuction is one of the most common procedures combined with buttock surgery to improve the patient’s figure as a whole. An augmentation of the central part of the buttocks can also be performed to achieve better results.