Breast augmentation is one of the most requested by women from 20 to 40 years old. The operation is relatively simple nowadays and the recovery does not include major difficulties or complications.

Even if the recovery after breast augmentation surgery is quick, the body needs a few months to heal completely. Patients have to take certain precautions during this time. For instance, resting is mandatory, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are proscribed during a few weeks. Even if you feel good, intense efforts can have negative consequences for your body.

Taking precautions does not mean you cannot do anything, it simply means efforts have to be progressive.

Exercising after breast augmentation

Exercising after breast augmentation : restrictions and precautions

Which implants should I choose if I exercise regularly ?

Patients who exercise regularly as well as athletes typically avoid large implants as well as submuscular potionning of the implants since the muscles in their pectoral region can be very active during exercise. Subglandular placement is often recommended in this case, which offers a shorter recovery.

The first month following surgery

During the first 15 days after the operation, patients have to prioritize rest. Patients can resume their usual activities after 2 to 3 days, but large movements and strain on the arms can cause bleeding in the pectoral muscle and implant shifting.

While sport are proscribed during the initial recovery, walking is advised. After 2 weeks, light efforts are allowed with no excess. Larger movements involving the arms are possible as well as stationary bikes, gym exercises involving the legs and abdominal muscles. Exercising involving the pectoral muscles or heavy lifting will have to wait a few months.