Ethnic rhinoplasty is a procedure designed for patients from African or Asian origins. These patients respectively share traits that require specific techniques to offer natural, conservative and beautiful results.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty : objectives and common defects

What is ethnic rhinoplasty ?

Patients from African and Asian origins can benefit from ethnic rhinoplasty in Tunisia to change specific characteristics in their nose. These characteristics significantly vary from one patient to another and tend to cause dissatisfaction or even embarrassment. The majority of these patients don’t want their lose their origins. What they expect from ethnic rhinoplasty is the correction of obvious defects, imperfections or disproportions, just like any another rhinoplasty. If the procedure is called ethnic rhinoplasty, it is because it aims at correcting imperfections while making sure ethnic characteristics wiped out from the patient’s nose, which requires a highly tailored surgery.

On the other hand, some patients do want their nose to become occidental. Ethnic rhinoplasty, with reliable and secured alterations, can offer this type of transformation, to a certain extent in order to keep the appearance of the nose natural. Certain types of noses with a thick skin are one of the few examples in which the procedure can bring a significant improvement without a complete refinement of the nose. In order to avoid dissatisfaction, the clinical examination has to be thorough and each patient has to be informed of what the procedure can and cannot do.

Common nose defects and imperfections found in ethnic rhinoplasty candidates

  • Disproportionately large nose
  • Flat and poorly defined nasal tip
  • Lack of nose projection
  • Flat and large nostrils

Typically, the procedure aims at decreasing nose proportions of the nose from a front view angle and increasing them from a side view angle. Careful listening of the patient’s expectations is of the essence here. Some patients present with major nose defects and only want minor corrections to be made in certain parts of their nose.