We tend to think that the face is perfectly symmetrical (the eyes, ears, nose, nostrils, mouth, cheeks, chin…), but in reality, if you trace a line going from the center of the forehead to the center of the chin, you can see numerous subtle differences between the left and right sides of the face.

Does facial symmetry equals beauty ?

Does facial symmetry equals beauty ?

How impactful is facial symmetry ?

Facial symmetry is an essential beauty criteria, but volume and proportions are also very important. For instance, wide eyes, high and round cheekbones, a thin nose and pouty lips form an attractive face in women. Other characteristics are also taken into consideration when it comes to facial beauty, particularly the space between the eyes or between the nose and mouth.

However, unlike what most people think, actresses and top models considered to be the most beautiful in the world do not have a perfectly symmetrical face. Using Photoshop, graphic designers have mirrored one side of celebrities’ faces to see how they would look and the results are weird to say the least. Perfectly symmetrical faces achieved with Photoshop look ‘extraterrestrial’ and are quite disturbing. In conclusion, an eye that is smaller than the other one or a slightly curved nose can be incredibly charming.

However, when facial asymmetry is too pronounced, facial harmony is disturbed, which is not flattering for the face. Fortunately, plastic surgery treatments are available to correct numerous facial defects and abnormalities.

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