Rhinoplasty can be completed in half an hour, but it can also take several hours depending on the type of procedure. The surgeon determines which corrections are needed depending on the patient’s nasal structure and expectations.


Different types of nose surgeries to correct defects and imperfections

Primary rhinoplasty and revisions

Primary rhinoplasty is the patient’s first nose surgery. This procedure aims at improving the appearance of the nose. The term primary only means the patient has never had anything done in the nose area.

Secondary rhinoplasty, or revision rhinoplasty, refers to the patient’s second nose surgery. However, revision rhinoplasty aims at correcting the unsatisfying result of the patient’s first procedure. Both procedures have to be performed one year apart. The surgeon has to know how many nose procedures have been performed in order to adapt his approach.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

This treatment involves hyaluronic acid injections in precise locations of the nose area to correct imperfections and defects, therefore it is a simple and short treatment. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also used to treat aging signs in the nose. The result achieved with hyaluronic acid is temporary, which means maintenance injections are needed every 6 to 8 months. Non-surgical corrections of the nose have limits as only specific imperfections and minor defects can be concealed with this approach.

Other types of nose procedures

Most common procedures include the following :

  • Ethnic rhinoplasty : this procedure aims at correcting non caucasian noses (asian, african…). This procedure is more extensive than other nose surgeries and requires specific techniques. Most of the time, the goal is to decrease the size of an overly big nose or to increase the projection of a flat nose.
  • Septoplasty : this procedure is performed for medical reasons. When the nose is crooked or obstructed, the respiratory function is impaired. Septoplasty corrects the issue by working on the septum.
  • Rhinoplasty associated with genioplasty : combining these procedures is a common approach to offer comprehensive results. Choosing an experienced surgeon is very important for this type of surgery since the most subtle changes in the nose and chin areas can transform the face entirely.