Correcting chin defects tunisia

Correcting chin defects with a non-invasive or surgical treatment

Receding chin

The receding chin is too far back, or lacks projections, compared to the rest of the face. Typically, the neck is not well defined since facial roundness is poorly delimited. The receding chin also results in a double chin appearance. This causes a level difference between both dental arches, which can result in chewing difficulties. From a purely aesthetic perspective, the receding chin can make an individual look timid even if it does not suit his personality.

Forward chin

An overly projected chin often translates to a protruding jaw with a well defined neck. Facial roundness is also well defined in this case. The lower dental arch is further forward compared to the upper maxillary. This chin shape is considered masculine and makes an individual look determined and wilful.

Changing the shape of the chin with a non-invasive approach

Today, aesthetic medicine can correct certain imperfections of the chin. This type of procedure is sometimes called medical genioplasty, it uses hyaluronic acid (HA) injections in the lower face to correct imperfections such as the receding chin. The main goal of the procedure is to increase volume in the chin area when it is needed to recreate facial roundness and harmonize facial features. HA injections can also target the nose to correct nose defects or the lips to increase volume.

Cosmetic surgery

In case of receding chin, forward chin or lateral anomaly, surgery is an efficient approach. Genioplasty, also known as chin surgery, can target deep structures of the lower face to correct pronounced imperfections and reposition the chin. Several techniques can be used depending on the imperfection to be treated. The procedure can also treat an overly long or short chin.

What is the best choice to change the shape of my chin ?

HA injections are recommended when the defect is not too pronounced. This approach is ideal to treat receding chins. However, the effect of HA is temporary and added volume disappears after a couple of months, which is why injections have to be repeated to maintain the result.

Chin surgery can correct the chin permanently. It allows surgeons to reposition or reshape bony structures. Surgery is also the best course of action when it comes to restoring normal function : chewing, breathing or speaking.