Over time, the face becomes more and more affected by aging signs. The skin gradually loses elasticity and tone, which leaves room for imperfections such as the jowls, the double-chin and wrinkles. Alleviating aging signs is possible with cosmetic surgery. The face and neck lift, also know as cervico-facial lift, is one of the most requested anti-aging procedures, it aims at rejuvenating and restoring the roundness of the face.

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Cervico-facial lift : when it is performed and how

Cervico-facial lift indications

The cervico-facial lift can be considered when aging signs are visible, which happens around the age of 40-45 for men and women. There is no age limit for this procedure and the skin usually has elasticity until the age of 40, therefore is not always recommended before that. The first visible aging signs are usually wrinkles, tissue sagging in the cheekbones area, visible jowls and hollowed cheeks, which tends to make the face look sad or tired. The roundness of the face is also affected and facial features are not in harmony anymore. The cervico-facial lift treats these imperfections from the temples to the neck by restoring the shape of the face. When normal skin tension is restored, it looks rejuvenated and more toned. Deep wrinkles are alleviated by the skin tightening action of the procedure, which will also slow down their progression over time. Even if the skin tends to sag progressively, the cervico-facial lift’s rejuvenation is still clearly visible 10 years post-op. The cervico-facial lift is not a deep lift inducing an important structural change. Surgeons perform this type of lift to preserve the natural appearance of the face and achieve the patient’s younger appearance.

The surgical technique

An incision is made in the scalp, from the temples area to the neck in order to hide the incision as well as possible. Surgeons restore normal skin tension simply by removing excess skin very precisely and then suturing the incision. The muscle layer is also tightening when necessary for the result to be more durable. Skin sagging is treated from the jowls to the chest this way, but skin tightening cannot be excessive to avoid an unnatural result. Liposuction can be combined with the lift to treat unwanted fat deposits. Fat grafting can also be used to fill in problematic hollowed areas and rejuvenate the face.