combine multiple cosmetic procedures

Can you combine multiple cosmetic procedures safely ?

Combining procedure during the same operation is relatively common when extended corrections are planned, it offers the benefit of undergoing a single surgery with general anesthesia instead of several, not to mention there is only one recovery to go through. However, there are limits to the number of procedures that can be combined.

The body tolerates two separate procedures under general anesthesia better than a long operation with multiple treatment areas. If a patient is exhausted during a whole month or still has swelling in treated areas after two combined procedures, the combination is probably not worth it. Combining short procedures is realistic. For instance, a moderate liposuction and a breast augmentation with implants or a rhinoplasty can usually be combined easily.

However, combining longer procedures such as a breast lift and a face lift is not advised, unless each procedure is shortened, which will most likely limit the quality of the result. One important thing to know is that there is always venous stasis in the lower extremities and small pelvis during an operation under general anesthesia. Longer procedures are not a better option since venous stasis duration increases as well as the risk of complication. There is no reason to be exposed to this risk because no cosmetic procedure is necessary.

Because of venous stasis, there is a real risk of blood clots formation in the lower extremities (phlebitis) and clot migration (pulmonary embolism), which can be serious.The risk of blood clot formation is limited by an anticoagulant treatment, but this same treatment can cause bruising that will alter the result of the procedure. Tv shows might want you to believe that you can get a complete makeover with a procedure that is one day long without risking anything, but don’t be fooled.