Breast lift or augmentation

The appearance of the breasts changes throughout the woman’s life. These changes can be discreet, but this is not always the case. Certain women will feel the need to correct the appearance of their breasts with the help of cosmetic surgery in order to achieve a more youthful figure, to regain confidence and wellness.  In order to achieve that, three options are available to them : the breast lift (this procedure is called mastopexia), breast augmentation or a combination of those two procedures. Several factors are to be taken into account when making the decision to undergo breast surgery :

  • If the nipples are pointing downwards or if they sit below the level of the inframammary fold, the breast lift can be considered. These changes result from tissue sagging or breast volume loss, which is why surgery can include repositioning the nipples along with the breasts.
  • Weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and natural aging can cause breast volume loss. In that case, breast augmentation with implants can be considered to restore a youthful shape. The breast lift can be combined with augmentation if breast tissues are sagging.
  • The last reason motivating female patients to request surgery is the most common : the patient is not satisfied with the size or shape of her breasts. Breast implants can correct naturally small or asymmetrical breasts.

Combining the lifting and augmentation techniques during a single operation is perfectly doable and reasonable, just like getting a breast lift a few years after breast augmentation. If you decide to undergo one of these procedures, it is important to talk about it with your surgeon in order to make the right choices by taking your goals and possibilities into account.