Can you benefit from a Brazilian Butt lift and how ?

What can fat grafting buttock augmentation do for you ?

If you wish to improve the shape and volume of your buttocks, this procedure may be suited. A large number of patients choose the BBL to correct buttocks with a flat or unsatisfying shape. The BBL also balances the whole figure by slimming down excess fat areas (for fat harvesting purposes). Over time, the buttocks tend to sag, which may result in a flat shape. The BBL addresses this issue by restoring a youthful projection as well as roundness in the buttocks. Dr.Balti will let you know what can and cannot be done with a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) in Tunisia depending on your morphology and expectations.

To undergo fat grafting buttock augmentation, patients have to be in good health and have excess fat deposits. If the amount of fat in the patient’s body is insufficient, improving buttocks volume with fat transfer will probably not be possible. However, if a single excess fat area is not enough to harvest enough fat, multiple areas can be harvested with liposuction, which allows relatively slim patients to achieve satisfying results. For skinny patients with insufficient fat reserves, buttock augmentation with implants is an excellent alternative.

What are the benefits of the BBL ?

Since fat tissue is needed to complete the procedure, fat is harvested in areas of excess fat, which is an opportunity to remove a certain amount of unwanted fat in chosen regions. On top of that, the BBL can lift up the buttocks and improve body contours in different areas with a single operation. The BBL can also be combined with other procedures to achieve more comprehensive results.

What should I expect after surgery ?

Most patients resume their usual activities approximately a week after surgery, but it is important to avoid staying in bed or sitting for extended periods of time. A compressive garment will help the healing process in liposuction areas and buttocks. Bruising and swelling can develop in these areas, but they resolve progressively, leaving room for the final result in less than 16 weeks. BBL results are durable, but patients are informed beforehand that over time, natural aging causes the buttocks to sag, which cannot be avoided by the BBL. A corrective procedure can be considered if need be. Patients also need to keep their weight stable after surgery to avoid buttocks volume changes.