Women choosing to undergo breast augmentation or reduction, whether it is for aesthetic reasons or to improve their quality of life, often choose a C cup. This is also the breast size recommended by breast surgery specialists to most of their patients. Here is why this size is the most popular.


Breast reduction and augmentation : which size is the most common ?

Breast reduction

In most cases, breast reduction procedures aim at resolving hypertrophied breast issues. Women affected by this condition have an E cup breast size or more. For the procedure to deliver the expected results, women are highly advised to avoid going under a C cup. Three reasons explain this recommendation :

  • The C cup allows patients to keep a beautiful round shape.
  • This size limits the risk of subsequent ptosis (breast sagging).
  • It also contributes to a long lasting result.

A B cup is possible for women choosing this size, often because these patients are suffering from back pain or exercise regularly. They are warned beforehand that compared to a C cup, the B cup will most likely result in a less harmonious appearance.

Breast augmentation

What motivates patients to undergo breast augmentation is a lack of breast volume, or in more severe cases a condition called breast hypotrophy (no breast growth). Most of these patients choose a C cup for a significant volume increase. Breast surgery specialists recommend avoiding overly large breast sizes often resulting in inferior results, back pain and subsequent ptosis. Sizers can be used by patients during their consultation to get a better idea of each implant’s volume.

If you are considering breast augmentation, make sure you consult a qualified cosmetic surgeon to choose the right size that suits your expectations as well as your morphology, the goal of the procedure being to achieve a beautiful and natural result.