Many men are concerned with the appearance of their double chin, which is associated with skin sagging. If your double chin is bothering you, making you look older or overweight, cosmetic surgery is your best bet to get rid of it. The double chin is often problematic because of excess skin disturbing facial harmony.

Can I get rid of my double chin ?

Can I get rid of my double chin ?

What causes the double chin to form ?

In men, the double chin typically develops in genetically predisposed men, although several factors can cause it :

  • Obesity or being overweight, even moderately, tends to worsen the issue
  • Progressive tissue aging causes the skin to lose elasticity and become thinner
  • In young individuals, the double chin is often hereditary

How to correct the double chin ?

Cosmetic products and facial exercises cannot help with the double chin, especially when facial tissues are clearly sagging. Men of different ages are searching for options to correct the tired and aged appearance caused by the double chin.

Several surgical treatments can be considered depending on the patient’s morphology, age and skin quality.

  • If the skin still has elasticity and if the double chin is moderate, liposuction alone might offer good results.
  • A lifting technique (skin resection) is recommended in case of excess skin with no significant fat deposit.
  • Both treatments can be combined to treat patients presenting with excess fat and significantly distended skin in the chin area.

The benefits of double chin correction

No matter the approach used, cosmetic surgery restores normal facial contours. Patients can regain :

  • Facial roundness
  • A youthful appearance of the lower face.

Combining liposuction and a lift is very common and well controlled, this procedure offers excellent and natural results.