Breast reduction surgery can be beneficial to women with overly large breasts that have become a real handicap in their daily life. When breast volume exceeds a certain volume, breasts are said to be hypertrophic and breast reduction becomes more reconstructive than cosmetic.

Breast réduction lightens overly large and heavy breasts, which result from an overgrowth of the mammary gland with or without excess fat.

Hypertrophic breasts are often affected by ptosis (breast sagging), which is why breast reduction is frequently combined with a breast lift to lift up the breasts and restore balance in the patient’s posture.


Why do patients request breast reduction ?

Women who can benefit from breast reduction are not all suffering from the weight and volume of their breasts. Patients requesting a breast reduction in Tunisia are mainly bothered by three things :

  • Back pain : back, neck and shoulder pain resulting from the weight of the breasts is one of the main reasons why patients request a breast reduction.
  • Difficulties finding adapted clothes : especially when trying to find bras that fit. Unadapted bras often cause skin indentations and pain.
  • Self image and confidence : overly large breasts can cause significant self image and confidence issues.

It is necessary for young patients to wait until the end of breast growth to undergo breast reduction, which corresponds to the age of 18.

After pregnancy

After pregnancy, patients considering breast reduction have to wait a period of 6 to 12 months after childbirth, or after breastfeeding, before undergoing surgery. This period allows the mother to go back to her normal weight before surgery.


Obesity multiplies the risks of complications during surgery. Women with a BMI over 35 will most likely have to lose weight to be eligible to breast reduction.