Mastopexy is a surgical procedure aiming at lifting up sagging breasts (breast ptosis). Sagging breasts are the result of skin stretching and muscles sagging, which are often caused by weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breast feeding and aging. Breast hyerplasia (breast tissue overgrowth) is also a risk factor often causing breast ptosis. Mastopexy can also correct tuberous breasts which are characterized by their tubular shape, a base width defect, an excessively high position of the inframammary fold and protruded areolas.

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Adapting the breast lift to each defect

Treating specific imperfections with a tailored breast lift

Different approaches can be used depending on defects observed.

Breast lift without implants : the most common approach

Lifting up the breast without implants is a relatively simple procedure. During surgery, the surgeon works at removing excess skin (resulting from skin stretching) in order to elevate the breasts position and restore firmness.

Breast lift with implants

Breast sagging issues are often associated with breast volume loss or hypotrophic breasts. This can be a congenital defect, the result of breast feeding or dieting. In both cases, breasts are lacking volume, which is why skin resection can be combined with breast implants to restore both position and volume.

Breast lift with a reduction

When breast ptosis occurs in overdeveloped breasts, the procedure aims at lifting up the breasts with the option to remove breast tissue excess. This can alleviate back, shoulder and neck pain often caused by hypertrophied breasts.

Breast lift with symmetry improvements

Certain patients present with both breast ptosis and asymmetry. In that case, mastopexy can treat ptosis while volume corrections can be made using implants or fat grafting to even out the breasts.