breast augmentation tunisia

Your breast augmentation options in Tunisia

Breast augmentation procedures

To increase breast volume, two treatments are available : fat grafting breast augmentation and breast augmentation with implants. Fat grafting includes fat harvesting in donor sites (hips, belly, thighs…) and fat injections (after isolating fat cells) in the breasts. Fat grafting requires excess fat deposits in the body to be feasible. Fat grafting breast augmentation can only achieve moderate volume increases in a single procedure, which means it improves breast shape and roundness without changing breast size or projections significantly (patients can expect an increase of approximately 1 cup size). This technique is an excellent option to correct small asymmetries and achieve a perfectly natural result, it is also the only alternative for patients who do not want breast implants.

Breast augmentation with implants remains the superior option to achieve significant breast volume increases, youthful roundness and good projection. The type of breast implant and its position depend on the patient’s expectations, her morphology, skin quality and the possibility of a pregnancy in the future. The guideline for this procedure is to preserve the mammary gland and think ahead of time : overly large implants increase the risk of ptosis (breast sagging) and back pain, which is why the surgeon’s recommendations should always guide the patient’s choice.

The benefits of Tunisia for your cosmetic surgery

A surgical procedure, however minimal it may be, is not to be taken lightly. It can only take place in an operating room to ensure asepsis and optimal security. In addition to being operated in the best possible conditions, patients are under medical supervision after their operation in a room where nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists can check in on them at any time.

Patients travelling to Tunisia to undergo cosmetic surgery are hospitalized in multi-disciplinary and state-of-the-art clinics, which means surgeons from different specialties and medical teams are always there to assist in case of complications, which is extremely rare, but always possible.