Before any type of surgery, it is normal to be nervous and have a lot of questions about the procedure. Here is what you have to know before going ahead with eyelid surgery.


What you need to know if you are considering getting an eyelid lift

The experience of your surgeon matters a lot

The first step of your choice to get an eyelid lift is choosing your cosmetic surgeon. You have to take your time with this choice, do your research and schedule a consultation with your first and second choice. During your consultation, don’t hesitate to ask how many eyelid lift procedures he has performed as well as before and after pictures to know what can be done with surgery.

It is normal to feel nervous before surgery

Getting surgery can become more and more scary as the date approaches, but choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon and understanding what to expect at each step of the process can help.

You need time to rest

First of all, it is preferable to interrupt any type of exercise and drinking alcohol for 3 weeks. Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure, therefore you will need time off work and other activities to heal at home. Most patients can go back to work after 10 to 14 days, but you will probably be able to read after a few days.

Makeup and contact lenses will have to wait

To speed up your recovery, you will have to stay away from makeup and contact lenses during 2 weeks after surgery. Also do your best to avoid scratching your eyes and whole eye area during this time, because it tends to worsen swelling and affect the quality of the result.

Swelling and bruising after surgery is normal

After an eyelid lift, you can expect swelling, redness and bruising. Your eyes will also be more sensitive to light than usual, dry or itchy. These side effects are normal and should resolve progressively during the recovery. Cold compresses, sunglasses and eye drops can help with discomfort.