Like other cosmetic procedures women choose to improve or rejuvenate their appearance, rhinoplasty can help men by improving facial balance and correcting imperfections.

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What there is to know about rhinoplasty for men

How does men’s rhinoplasty results differ from women’s results ?

The procedure itself is almost the same for men and women. The main reason for which men request this procedure is the same as women : male patients also want to improve the appearance of their face. A good number of male patients also request rhinoplasty to correct structural defects that are involved in certain disorders such as sleep apnea and other breathing difficulties.

In the case of male rhinoplasty, surgery can offer more balance between the different facial components, including the cheeks, the chin and the eyes. Rhinoplasty can improve facial symmetry, improve the size and shape of the nose, remove nasal humps and improve the appearance of the nasal tip.

How does the male nose differ from the female nose ?

Even if rhinoplasty for men uses the same surgical techniques as rhinoplasty for women, the results differ a lot. The ideal feminine nose is typically smaller and more graceful whereas men want different results. The male bridge of the nose is usually straight and the nasal tip forms a 90° angle with the upper lip whereas the female nose has a softer curvature and a slightly obtuse angle between the nasal tip and the upper lip.

Is male rhinoplasty a complex procedure ?

Most people seem to think that rhinoplasty is a simple and minor surgery. Rhinoplasty is a complexe procedure that has to be performed by an experienced surgeon. The surgeon’s experience is a crucial factor in the quality of the result, since the smallest changes to facial traits can significantly change the patient’s facial expression.