If you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your breasts, you might be considering breast augmentation surgery. All women are not necessarily good candidates to this procedure, sinces certain criterias have an influence on the quality of the result. However, certain requirements can be mandatory for the surgeon to operate. Here is an overview of the most important requirements for patients’ safety.


What maximizes your chances of a beautiful breast augmentation result

Good health

If you are affected by a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension or clotting disorder, breast augmentation with implants might not be an option. These conditions can increase the risk of infection, problems with anesthesia and wound healing issues, which is why choosing a qualified surgeon is very important. A qualified surgeon will not operate if surgery includes additional risks for his patient. If you are in good health and exercise regularly, you should be eligible for breast augmentation.

Not overweight

It is always preferable for breast augmentation patients to have a normal and balanced weight. A normal weight makes different aspects of surgery easier and limits the risk of wound healing issues. Also, results are often better for patients with no skin condition.

Non smoker

If you are smoking, you probably already know that this bad habit affects your health (risks of respiratory disease, circulatory disease and cancer). What you might not know is that smoking also affects your body’s ability to heal. Smoking slows down the recovery and increases the risk of complications with implants. Many surgeons refuse to operate on patients who have failed to stop smoking several weeks before surgery.

Realistic expectations

Cosmetic surgery is not magic, it will not necessarily change your whole life, but it can help you gain confidence and self esteem. Goals can differ a lot from one patient to another but nowadays, natural results are highly favored.