Breast tissue overgrowth can cause many problems on a physical and psychological level. Women affected with this condition present with disproportionate breasts that typically do not suit the rest of their body, which can constantly cause embarrassment in public and social situations. Here is what causes this condition as well as the treatment options.


What causes hypertrophic breasts ?


Hypertrophic breasts are breasts with overdeveloped mammary glands. This glandular overgrowth can occur with or without excess fat tissue in the breasts. Hypertrophic breasts can start developing during puberty or after pregnancy and their excessive weight tends to make them sag (breast ptosis), which usually happens progressively with age. Hypertrophic breasts can have congenital or hormonal causes.


Hypertrophic breasts can cause multiple issues. First, on a social level, overly large breasts tend to cause embarrassment for women affected. This can result in loss of self esteem and confidence. Breasts with normal proportions, on the other hand, do not attract attention, which is usually easier to live with on a daily basis.

On a medical level, hypertrophic breasts are significantly heavier than normal breasts. In many cases, they cause back and neck pain. Overly large breasts also tend to make exercising more difficult by limiting movements. On top of that, women with hypertrophic breasts often have trouble finding well fitting clothes and bras.

Is there a treatment for hypertrophic breasts ?

Breast volume can be decreased and their shape can be improved when they are too large or sagging too much. Cosmetic surgery offers an efficient treatment called breast reduction, which can use different techniques to improve breast volume and shape. Breasts sagging, which is caused by skin stretching under the effect of breast weight, can be treated during the reduction procedure by removing excess skin and compacting breast tissue. The goal of breast reduction is to restore normal proportions to the breasts and lift up their position to achieve a youthful and harmonious appearance.

If you are looking for information about breast reduction and wondering if this procedure can truly improve the appearance of your breasts and / or relieve your back pain, don’t hesitate to call Dr.Balti’s office to let him know the specifics of your case and to know what you can expect from cosmetic surgery.