Thinning down the calves and ankles with liposuction

Calf and ankle liposuction can be beneficial for patients presenting with excess fat in these areas. Excess fat in this region is almost always distributed in a circular fashion, it tends to make the legs seem heavy and hides the natural roundness of the legs. A lot of women and men concerned with this issue are reluctant to wear skirts, shorts and have difficulties finding boots that fit. Removing excess fat can lengthen the leg and make the previously mentioned clothing options possible with confidence of self consciousness issues. Liposuction can sculpt new contours and reveal calf muscles while thinning down the ankle.

What there is to know

In every case, anticipating the ability of the skin to retract over new contours is important. Excess fat located in the calves and ankles usually accumulates after puberty. In these regions, skin retraction is in the vast majority of the cases favorable. The procedure is not that common since it takes a lot of time and patience. 2 to 3 mm diameter cannulas are used to preserve the integrity of the lymphatic drainage system as much as possible. A compressive garment has to stay in place during the 2 months following surgery to avoid a certain type of swelling during summer.

How is the procedure performed ?

After injecting an anesthetic and vasoconstrictive solution in the treatment area, a cannula is inserted under the skin through a short incision. Excess fat is removed by using the liposuction cannulas in a back and forth motion. A bigger cannula (4 to 5 mm) exposes the patient to risks of irregularities and damaging the lymphatic drainage system of the lower extremities. This complication could result in a volume increase of the ankles during summer time.