The neck area usually gets less attention than the face when it comes to skin care, which is a mistake since aging signs in the neck are just as visible as in the face and because both areas go together. Here how you can alleviate aging signs in the neck.

Rejuvenating neck

Rejuvenating the neck area: options that works

What to do against wrinkles, brown spots and other aging signs ?

Because of sun exposure and traction, skin in the neck can show aging signs at the age of 35 to 40. Dermatologists treat brown spots with pigmentary lasers, whereas necks with a red color can be treated with vascular lasers. Light therapy can also be used in this case, but the results are less durable than with lasers. Skin growths can be removed by a dermatologist with an ablative laser, electrocautery or liquid nitrogen. To alleviate wrinkles, combining treatments is what dermatologists recommend. ‘Heating’ treatments (laser, radiofrequency, etc.) or focused ultrasound can be used to induce healing and collagen production in the area. These treatments can be combined with ‘chemical treatments’ such as hyaluronic acid injections or vitamin cocktails (mesotherapy) to induce skin renewal.

What to do against the double chin ?

Due to being overweight, the double chin can develop early on, starting from the age of 35. Aging and tissue sagging can cause the neck to be prone to fat accumulation. A non-invasive option to treat this issue is cryolipolysis, which uses the effect of low temperature on fat cells. A single treatment can decrease by about 30% the amount of fat in a localized area. A specific applicator adapted to the area under the chin allows cryolipolysis devices to achieve fat reduction and alleviate the double chin. This area is usually completely treated with two cryolipolysis sessions.

The surgical option is liposuction. An ultrasound can confirm if excess fat is located above the muscle or behind it. If excess fat is above the muscle, a simple liposuction procedure will offer excellent results. Treating the area with radiofrequency after the recovery can be recommended to firm up tissues. If excess fat is located under the muscle, surgeons use a short incision under the chin to access fat tissue and remove it. In this case, if skin is sagging, the incision can be used to remove excess skin and tighten up the area without it being a lifting procedure.

Before/After : liposuction neck in Tunisia