Silicone or saline implants ? If you are considering breast augmentation, you will have to choose between these two types of breast implants. While saline implants offer multiple benefits, in terms of appearance and safety, they are less popular among breast augmentation patients.

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Saline breast implants

Saline implants benefits

Saline implants are filled with physiological serum. Physiological serum is bioabsorbable and is perfectly safe for the body in case of rupture. Since saline implants allow surgeons to adjust volume very precisely, they can be filled in with saline during the procedure. Silicone implants have a predetermined volume and cannot be modified during or after the operation.

Scars resulting from the incisions are shorter than incisions made to place silicone implants and become invisible after a few months.

Filling in the implants during the procedure offers a natural shape as well as a longer lifespan, sometimes up to 30 years if no problem occurs.

Finally, saline implants do not cause inflammation in the breasts and the capsular contracture rate is lower because this foreign body is better tolerated.

Saline implants disadvantages

Saline implants have been criticized for a long time for having a less natural feel and consistency than silicone implants. However, recent silicone implants are more cohesive in order to reduce the risk of implant rippling caused by silicone gel, therefore they are firmer to the touch and identical to saline.

Choosing your implants

Implant size is defined in relation with the thorax, so it is in fact the patient’s body who decides which size is ideal to achieve an optimal result. Round implants can be positioned behind the pectoral muscle for a more natural result.