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Q&A about Botox injections

Which practitioners can perform Botox injections ?

Only plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and dermatologists are authorized to perform Botox injections. General practitioners can’t perform this procedure and aren’t allowed to buy neuromodulators.

Why is it preferable to request Botox injections from a certified cosmetic surgeon ?

Extensive and specific knowledge in anatomy and facial expression are included in cosmetic surgeon’s training. When performed by a qualified surgeon, Botox injections are safe, efficient and well targeted in complex areas with many facial muscles.

When to start Botox injections ?

It depends on the issue, although patients under the age of 30 rarely need Botox for aesthetic purposes. However, after the age of 60, if Botox was never used, results aren’t going to be as good because wrinkles tend to carve the skin. In this case, Botox can only provide moderate improvements.

How do surgeons detect and prevent facial aging signs ?

The patient’s face is analyzed, in a resting state and in motion. This allows the surgeon to detect muscle and wrinkle asymmetries as well as wrinkles susceptible to carve the skin and persist. The patient is informed of all those details before the injections and is asked to use facial expressions (raising the eyebrows, frowning, smiling, contracting the neck, etc.) to get a better idea of how wrinkles are progressing.

How to treat persisting wrinkles ?

In rare cases, localized imperfections (can be seen after the injections without being an issue. They depend on the appearance of the skin before the injections. When the skin has been carved by wrinkles, cracks can persist. Fortunately, filler injections can be used to fill in those cracks.