803, 2019

Breast implant size and positioning : how surgeons determine what’s best

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Under the muscle, over the muscle, dual plane, what does it mean ? Under the muscle, over the muscle, dual plane, what does it mean ? Breast implants [...]

603, 2019

Brazilian Butt Lift : what surgeons assess during the clinical examination and why

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Buttocks cosmetic procedures aim at improving buttocks volume and shape. The introduction of fat grafting has changed the approach to treat the buttocks. Harvesting from excess fat areas with liposuction [...]

203, 2019

Eyelid lift : the subciliary and transconjunctival approaches

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Eyelid lift Tunisia The eyelid surgery, commonly called eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, treats excess skin, dark circles around the eyes and other consequences of natural aging. The eyelid [...]

103, 2019

The ideal breast features : base, skin, tissue proportions

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Many patients consult surgeons thinking their breasts aren't pretty, misplaced or sagging. Yet, a lot of women imagine imperfections that aren't real. If you're wondering how surgeon 'measure' the beauty [...]