801, 2019

Cosmetic procedures for men : aging signs and weight loss consequences

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Cosmetic procedures for men Men too have plastic surgery needs, they can be, just like women, embarrassed about body imperfections. Cosmetic procedures for men offers body treatments such [...]

2212, 2018

What you can expect from breast reduction recovery and results

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Breast hypertrophy is a defined by overly large breasts in relation with the rest of the body. Breast volume excess is often associated with breast ptosis and sometimes breast asymmetry. [...]

1812, 2018

Non-surgical rhinoplasty : is it efficient for your nose ?

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Since non-surgical, or medical, rhinoplasty is performed with filler injections to correct imperfections by bringing volume in the treatment area, the patient's nasal imperfection has to be treatable with fillers, [...]

1312, 2018

Lower face and neck definition : two major aspects of facial rejuvenation

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Facial contouring treatment of the lower face and neck is a common patient request. It relies on rejuvenation procedures, mainly face lift and contouring techniques, especially in case of double [...]

712, 2018

Mommy makeover : correct pregnancy related unwanted changes

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More and more women choose plastic surgery to reverse unwanted alterations of their body following pregnancy, usually in the stomach and breasts areas. Breasts tend to inflate and deflate after [...]