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Mini facelift : objectives and improvements

What is the mini facelift ?

The mini face lift is a procedure designed to reposition skin in the lower face and neck that tends to sag because of natural aging.

The lower face and neck region is where jowls develop. The face and neck lift involves removing excess skin in this area. The mini facelift technique has been used for many years and it can target different facial areas : neck, jowls, cheeks, eyelids, temples and forehead. The end goal is to smooth out wrinkles and treat sagging in order to rejuvenate the face. For a mini facelift surgery, general or local anesthesia can be used depending on the patient’s preference and the extent of the corrections needed. Scars are hidden in front or behind the ears, in the natural folds of the skin. The mini facelift result can be observed fairly quickly after surgery and the recovery is very well tolerated since the procedure is minimally invasive.

Facelift technique improvements

Facelift procedures have become more and more conservative and less invasive in order to achieve natural results with a short and simple recovery. The ‘mini’ part of the mini facelift is not about treating a single or two facial areas, it means that

  • Tissues are only slightly lifted off during surgery
  • The underlying muscle layer, a.k.a the superficial musculo-aponevrotic system (SMAS), is not touched
  • Skin tension is restored to normal, not more than that to avoid a ‘frozen’ facial expression

The mini facelift duration is significantly reduced, which has improved recovery a lot for patients. The mini facelift technique is the result of a better understanding of facial aging and many years of refinement. It is often combined with blepharoplasty to treat the eyelids area in case of eyelid sagging (upper eyelids) or under eye bags (lower eyelids).