While cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift have been popular for a long time, other treatments such as lip augmentation are also a strong trend. This procedure was partly made popular by the kardashians, especially Kylier Jenner. If you are interested in improving the shape and / or volume of your lips, here is what you should know beforehand about lip augmentation.

Lip enhancement tunisia

Lip enhancement

Lip augmentation products

Practitioners use different types of products to increase lip volume. In fact, a lot of procedures include injections with more than one product, since they can offer different results in different parts of the lip. The most efficient and safe ingredient used for lip enhancement purposes is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is produced by the body and used in many skin care products (anti-aging creams and serums). Lip augmentation with injections offers a lot more hyaluronic acid with high precision. It is worth reminding that lip augmentation does not automatically achieve the ‘Kylie’ look. It is possible to only treat one lip for instance, or achieve very subtle improvements. Your practitioner’s recommendations in that matter are very important and these recommendations won’t necessarily be what you expected.

Lip enhancement maintenance

Patients are reminded by their practitioner that injections have to be repeated every 6 to 10 months to maintain results depending on the type of product used and the way that the body metabolizes it.
Like any other cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, it is highly recommended to avoid suspiciously cheap procedures. If the price is too good to be true, you shouldn’t risk a botched procedure or your health.