facial fat grafting in tunisia

Facial fat grafting : Pros and cons

Fat grafting is commonly used for facial rejuvenation purposes. It involves fat harvesting and fat injections in different areas of the face. Facial fat grafting procedures often aim at alleviating deep folds and restoring youthful volumes in the cheeks or lips for instance. Fat grafting consistently achieves perfectly natural and permanent results. If you are planning on undergoing your facial fat grafting in Tunisia, Dr.Balti will gladly provide you with information specific to your case. Here are the pros and cons of facial fat grafting procedures.

Facial fat grafting benefits

  • Results are immediately visible after surgery, unlike other cosmetic procedures.
  • Surgery does not cause significant pain, only mild discomfort and tightness.
  • Injections can be made in different areas that have lost volume. Fat grafting can target the under eye, cheeks, chin and nasolabial fold areas.

Facial fat grafting cons

There are only minor cons to this procedure. Facial fat grafting includes fat harvesting, therefore extremely skinny patients may not have sufficient fat reserves to achieve the expected result. This case is extremely rare since facial fat grafting procedures only require small amounts of fat.

Surgery naturally results in swelling after the procedure. Swelling usually resolves in a couple of days.

Facial fat grafting surgery

The procedure includes different stages :

  • Anesthesia is administered before the beginning of the procedure.
  • The surgeon harvests 20 to 30cc of fat in fat accumulation areas. Fat can be harvested in a lot of different areas, even around the knees where fat can be found in skinny patients.
  • The harvested fat is placed in a centrifuge to separate fat cells from other fluids.
  • Fat is placed in syringes. Injections can be made at multiples points and depths in the targeted area to achieve volume restoration, fold alleviation…