Have you ever wondered why your husband loses weight faster than you when you’re both on the same diet ? Men lose weight more easily than women when they eat healthy, which is confirmed by research. Here is why.

Do men lose weight faster than women

Do men lose weight faster than women

Muscle and fat mass

To lose weight, men can count on a precious ally called testosterone. At puberty, this hormone helps build muscle mass. During their whole life, this muscle mass helps with weight. The higher the muscle mass, the higher the energy consumption (calories), even while resting.

At puberty, under the influence of oestrogens, women will produce more fat. In healthy women, fat mass represents 30 to 40% of total weight compared to only 15 to 25% in men. When it comes to weight loss, women have a disadvantageous fat / muscle ratio compared to men.

Fat storage for men and women

Excess fat’s location is important when it comes to weight loss. Men typically tend to store excess fat in the abdominal region whereas women (before menopause) tend to store fat in the buttocks and thighs, which contributes to saddlebags (often targeted by liposuction). When losing weight, men’s excess fat melts more easily in the abdominal region than in the hips.

Women’s difficulties compared to men

Diets are more often tried by women than men, and dieting too often with strict restrictions results in subsequent weight gain and even excess weight long term. Women are also more prone to emotional weight gain. A study estimated that a little more than half of women tend to eat under the influence of bad emotions compared to only 20% of men. Considering snacking often includes greasy and sugary food, snacking can have a significant impact on weight.