Women and men can present excess skin in the abdominal wall after weight loss. In severe cases, excess skin sags and covers the pelvis area, which is designated by the term abdominal apron. Only certain types of lifting techniques (skin removal) and tummy tuck can treat this issue. Here is how excess skin can present.

Different tummy tuck cases

Different tummy tuck cases

Skin sagging after weight loss

In case of small abdominal bulge, lipectomy can improve the appearance of the stomach, resulting in a low horizontal scar with no navel repositioning.

Significant excess skin with separation of the abdominal wall’s muscles

Patients presenting with significant excess skin and separation of the rectus abdominis (muscles of the abdominal wall) often have a small belly persisting from their pregnancy. This can be corrected with a longer low incision in the extension of the c-section, but extending across the entire width of the pelvis. In this case, the navel has to be repositioned.

Severe excess skin resulting from massive weight loss (post diet or bariatric surgery)

Patients presenting with severe excess skin resulting from massive weight loss (gastric banding, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass) usually need skin resection procedures to regain confidence, self esteem and truly enjoy the result of their efforts. The incision used to remove excess skin is horizontal and low, but it is significantly longer than the previously mentioned incisions since it can go all around the waist in the case of a body lift for instance. The navel is also repositioned here.

It is worth reminding that this type of procedure can only be considered by patients who are not overweight. Results from a tummy tuck would not be satisfying if the patient still hasn’t reached a normal weight, not to mention additional risks of complication during surgery.