Cosmetic treatments to alleviate wrinkles

Cosmetic treatments to alleviate wrinkles

Facelift : the long lasting solution

Over time, skin in the face and neck area sags and expression wrinkles become more pronounced. The facelift surgery is a surgical procedure to alleviate aging signs and tighten up the facial muscles as well as the skin. Most common facelift techniques include the frontal lift to lift up the forehead’s position, the temporal lift to lift up the eyebrows and cheeks and the face and neck lift to tighten up skin and muscles in both areas.

Facial fat grafting

Fat grafting is an excellent alternative to hyaluronic acid injections, which offer temporary effects. Fat grafting uses fat injections. Fat is harvested in small amounts and purified by centrifugation. With a thin needle, fat cells are injected in deep wrinkles and folds to fill in their hollowed lines. Fat is also used to increase volume in different parts of the face such as the lips, the chin, hollowed cheeks or cheekbones area. Even if the base principle of this procedure is simple, it requires hospitalization and general anesthesia.

Skin care

Aside from wrinkles and facial volumes, skin quality also decreases over time and under the effects of environmental factors. Preserving skin from aging because of smoking or sun exposure is important, but skincare is also necessary to maintain skin tone and glow. Mesotherapy can bring to the skin nutrients and vitamins that are essential to maintain its hydration and chemical peels can tighten up pores, erase lines and alleviate blemishes to restore skin radiance. A qualified dermatologist can help you find the exact products you need to preserve your skin from environmental damage.