The face is probably the part of the body drawing the most attention, which is why aging signs are easy to see. When the face is burdened with wrinkles and eye bags, it looks tired or even sad. There are a lot of facial cosmetic procedures designed to address such facial imperfections. These procedures can erase aging signs in the face and neck (face and neck lift) or restore lost volumes for a more round and youthful appearance (facial fat grafting). Sagging upper eyelids as well as under eye bags can can also be corrected (eyelid lift or blepharoplasty). Rhinoplasty is designed to correct nose imperfections and defects in order to get rid of size disproportions and balance the nose with the rest of the face. Otoplasty is another facial procedure that aims at correcting protruding ears. Here is a quick overview of cosmetic facial treatments frequently performed by Dr.Balti.

facial surgery

Cosmetic facial surgery options

Face and neck lift

The face and neck lift rejuvenates the face as well as the neck where aging signs are also visible. This procedure is recommended to smooth out winkles and brighten up the face while keeping the patient’s facial expression natural.

Facial fat grafting

Fat transfer is ideal to restore facial roundness. It is recommended to correct hollowed temples and cheekbones.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift

The eyelid lift is recommended to remove under eye bags and / or remove excess skin in the upper eyelids. The procedure aims at brightening up the eyes.


The nose and the eyes are what people look at first when facing one another. Therefore, nose defects are immediately visible. Rhinoplasty is a surgery designed to reshape the nose, improve its curvature and alignment to make it balanced with the face.


Also called ear surgery, the otoplasty procedure is recommended to treat protruded or malformed ears. By reshaping ear cartilages and suturing, the ears can bring the ears back closer to the head, which is what most patients concerned with this issue expect from this surgery.